The Worst Mistakes in Ireland History Essay You Should Avoid

ireland history essayWhen studying in Ireland history essay writing is a rather common assignment. You’ll need plenty of practice if you hope to write a top essay, and there are several mistakes that you absolutely must avoid making. The overall purpose of custom writing such an essay is to describe an event and a selected number of claims with regard to what actually happened.

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What Is History Essay Writing?

Deciding what makes a good history essay is ultimately subjective, but there are several points which are incontrovertible. When discussing a past event, everything you choose to include your argument must be relevant and should answer the question set in its entirety. The first paragraph is key here as your reader will instantly get a feel for whether your essay actually answers the question set.

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Make sure you understand what is history essay writing and how the use of evidence differs from that used in other disciplines. You have to be crystal clear about which references you have used and whether they are primary, secondary or even tertiary sources of evidence. In particular, make sure you reference all source documents appropriately. Plagiarism is taken extremely seriously in history, so make sure you don’t fall victim to a simple error that could have been avoided.

Avoid These Major Mistakes

If you properly conduct your history research essay writing should be pretty straightforward. However, you might find yourself not getting the grades you deserve if you keep falling into the same old traps. Familiarize yourself with the mistakes below and you’ll surely boost your marks.

secrets of writing Ireland history essay

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  • A poor example of history paper writing is one that simply fails to answer the question set. Even if your writing skills are second to none, you cannot score top marks if you have not actually answered with relevant information. It doesn’t matter whether your approach is otherwise perfect, lack of relevancy equals lack of good grades.
  • Don’t mess around with unnecessary fluff. No matter how interesting, superfluous subject matter should be excluded from your essay. Any good example of history paper writing keeps on topic at all times by using direct statements and arguments.
  • You should be presenting an argument, not narrating history as if it were indisputable fact. If you analyze all your history research essay writing will be a breeze. Break down each part of the question into its smallest components and build them back up with evidence to support your interpretation of events.
  • The main body of text should not be written without thorough advance planning. Write an outline before you start and your argument will have practically composed itself. This will allow you to dedicate an equal amount of time to each issue of relevance.
  • Too often students will focus wholeheartedly on the first topic and neglect later issues. This is especially a problem if you’re writing a timed essay so make sure you write about the most relevant and significant aspects your argument first.
  • Choose one topic per section and persuade your reader using the best evidence you can find. When deciding which level of evidence to use, treat the opinions of even the most expert historians as the lowest form of information. If you have to supplement your work by referring to theirs, try to use the evidence they analyzed rather than just quoting their thoughts verbatim.
  • When using any piece of evidence you must be able to provide an accurate reference even down to the page number within the source document. If you have quoted anything written by someone else, you categorically must make this clear.
  • Never use your concluding remarks as an opportunity to inject new ideas into your text. If such ideas were that important, you ought to have included them in the main body of your work. Instead, your conclusion should be used to summarize your main argument and relate it back to your original thesis.

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When you study in Ireland history essay topics can be rich and varied. With such a wealth of opportunity it would be a shame to make an easily avoided mistake that could cost you a grade. Now you’re aware of the most common errors and how not to make them, you’re in the perfect position to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

If you’ve chosen to study in Ireland history essay writing is a challenge to embrace. Avoid the worst mistakes and you’ll pass any essay with flying colors.

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